J. K. Rowling – A Pottertale Of Queen ‘Joanne’

26 June, 1997. 7:58 PM. Great Hall, Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.  With shimmering stars at the ceiling, and thousands of flickering candles in the four tables, Hogwarts is going to witness a heavenly evening!!!! The grand clock ticks 8. The hall becomes silent for a moment. Everybody is waiting for someone, seeing eagerly [...]

Come Alive!

Who’s the story is, who starts to write.. The dawn welcomes, a day so bright.. There’re some desires, they’ve no meaning.. It’s the fire inside, a new beginning.. Come alive, tells the heart, Never to fall apart, Let the dreams, once again, Come Alive!! ……. Who’s the story is, who starts to read.. Like the [...]