The Healing Power Of Ragas In Music Therapy

The awareness of Raga Therapy is growing in society. Research has embarked to re-discover the therapeutic ragas on a trial and error basis which is already providing promising results. Simple interaction to musical rhythms in bhajans and kirtans is capable of relaxing the mind which can also provide positive hormonal changes in the system. We [...]

Thumri – The Art Of Singing Poetry

  "Jab se Shyam sidhare.... Tadap tadap, jiya, jaye…..” When a girl sings a ‘Thumri’, she becomes ‘Radha’. With the poetic lyrics, she tries to express her love for ‘Krishna’. Sometime, with its ‘Shringar’ mood, she adorns herself for her beloved. She smiles with ‘Thumri’, her soul dances with ‘Thumri’.Whether sometime in ‘Viraha’ mood, she [...]