Between Lines

Short Stories

When you want to whisper your joy,

Sing a song aloud!!

When you want to make a move,

Dance into wild madness!!

When you want to smile,

Laugh out crazy!!

When you want to blink,

See new dreams!!

When you want to draw a line,


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I love to write poems occasionally. I only write when words get over me, and my pen starts flowing like the river. I have penned down some poems. 

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Divine Love 

Sometimes, I feel myself lost in the realm of silence Then, I love to write poems on Divine Love, blending a flavour of Sufism, penning down my deep feelings of divine grace, the light, dancing with my beloved in the divine rhythm. 

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Bandish – The Raga Tales

I love music. Being trained in Indian Classical Music, I feel myself lost in the voyage from seven notes to the infinity. I have created a new genre of writing, combining the moods of a certain Indian Raga and a corresponding story or a piece in words.

Thus, I write Bandish – The Raga Tales, blending the moods of Indian Raga with words.

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Bengali write ups

I love to write in my mother language, Bengali, too.

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A story is not only a collection of words, lines or characters, centered to a planned thought. A story is, a sketch that’s worth more than words. The characters here don’t only play a certain role, but, they sketch their stories as well. Sometimes black and white, sometimes with colours. Each and every characters have hundreds of hues to shed, stories to tell.. and together they sketch a beautiful story!Some of them are written with a note of inspiration, a song of motivation. They are stories of people who are dreamers, seekers. They are all warriors. They have faced failures, but with the power of resilience, they have made it. These stories are always powerful, conveying the message,


“Find a purpose of your life, give it a meaning to Sketch-A-Story, a story to inspire millions sending a note of inspiration.”

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Life is a celebration. In our life, we have a number of moments. We live in moments, we live in memories, we live in stories. Our life is a big canvas, and we are here to throw each and every colours to sketch a beautiful story. What we are born for?? To feel thousands of dream-come-true moments, to make sweet-and-sour memories and, to write a tale of our own. Life is like an album, so capture all the beautiful moments and make a beautiful album of life. 

Album 'O' Life!

Our life is like an album. Whenever we want to capture a moment of happiness, we just take a snap and stick it in our album. Album makes us nostalgic. Some moments are like, we are one step from heaven. I love to call them the moment of heaven on earth. Some moments leave a beautiful impression in our hear forever. Some moments come like a lesson to be learned from life. In some moments, we find a light of truth, sometimes, a reason to smile. 

Whenever I come across something beautiful in the walk of life, I just click a picture of it. Oh yes, it’s not the snap you are thinking about. I take it in my heart, and just sit to pen down in a wonderful story, to make an album of life.

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Women Issues

Women are part of this society. They are everywhere in the world. But, now a days we are facing a lot of social issues that make our bonding stronger. We stand together to fight, we join hands to make this world a better place. To live, to love, to laugh.

I write on my thoughts and put my own opinions in my blog. I raise my voice against the Menstruation Taboo. I write on the social issues also.

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This & That

I write articles on various topics including book reviews, movie reviews, discussion about any piece of arts, crafts, literature, music, dance, places.. anything and everything. I write about Indian Mythology as Mythological Fiction.


It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (4)


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