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Together We Learn, Together We Grow.


I strongly believe, “Together we learn, together we grow.” 


I love to tell stories. If you love to share your story with me, I will be privileged to have you on this beautiful journey. You can share your story with me and I will write it myself in my own style. You can write it yourself, too. Also, you can share any kind of writings like short story, poem, your memorable incident that left a deep impression on your heart, your own thoughts and opinion, reviews. Anything, and everything. Just mail me the content and I will evaluate it. If I find it suitable, I will post it in my blog. We all have so many things to share with the world, this is an opportunity for you to write it on your own.


Write A Letter To ‘Life’:

It’s a letter writing project I have started recently. Here, you are questioned, “If you are given a chance to write a letter to life, what would you love to write?” I ask this question to everyone, and I collect their letters here. Stay tuned with me, and read beautiful letters sent to our dearest ‘Life’.


For Women Stories, ‘Queen’:

‘Queen’ is a Mini Journal where I am collecting and curating brave women’s story.  This is a part of my blog “The Saffron Journal”. I have some friends with me, someone writer, someone artist, someone photographer or storyteller. I call them my queens. We are proud to be a woman of our choice, and we spread the message of the power of resilience through our works. If you want to share your story, or any women story with us, please write to me. We are here to hear you.


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For submission, mail me your content at

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You will be informed within one week if your content is approved to be published in the ‘Guest Contribution’ column of ‘The Saffron Journal’.

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