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Theme of the Book:

The book is a motivational series on hope, dreams, faith, and courage. It has views on love, kindness, forgiveness and also on Beauty, self love, life and many more. There is something your favourite too, because there will be Magic!! And many more.

Structure of the Book:

Each chapter is a letter. The letters are addressed to the Seeker, but each letter has an unique way to call the seeker. Each letter is accompanied with a special Note to Self. So, when you start the day, at first you read the note to Self. You say Yes to Hope. You discover yourself in a new way, you find a new truth about yourself.

Blurb of the Book:

Do you know, we all are connected? Trust me, yes, we are. In some way or the other. The Universe is writing our stories, together. So here is a little reminder about your true power.
Let’s embark on the journey of seeking the light, together. The light that resides in your heart. Be with me in this journey of redefining life. Renew yourself and rewrite your story with hope, beauty and grace.

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