The Calendar Stories

The calendar is a part of our life. From January to December, we see many shades of life. It can be hope, dream, desire, love, friendship..or simply a story of ‘Life’. I love to find tales of Love and Life, as in my opinion, we are nothing to have in life, without a warm hug of love, and we have nothing to give without a smile of love. So, Life is a celebration and here, we will see a monthly story to celebrate the hues of “Life”.

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I am Swarnali, The Saffron Storyteller. You can call me an engineer who writes letters or simply a girl who writes. Writing and Music are my ways to escape from this worldly life. I find solace in the voyage from seven notes to the infinity, and resilience in the empire of words. I love to weave stories of motivation, inspiration, love and peace. 'Saffron' is the colour of the quest of life. Hope you like the tales of this bohemian writer.

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