“While walking on the road of life, one day, I hear a whisper. I stop and stare. And then, I find some little beauties calling me there. Smiling with hidden joy of the eternal bliss and truthfulness.”

Podcast Name:

Pause Breathe Reflect

– Mindful Living with Swarnali

Theme of the Podcast:

Sometimes, we need to take a pause from the rush of life and look around to find what is hiding there, only for us. Maybe, they are some treasures awaiting inside the envelope of life. Or perhaps, they are just some broken pieces of our forgotten dreams.

About the Contents:

Amidst the chaos and confusion around, sometimes, we need to take a pause and sit in solitude. This way, we can find the peace within and reflect our thoughts in a deeper way.

I believe in the pause ritual. I love to contemplate my everyday thoughts and now I am bringing them to you with some beautiful poems on hope, healing, and happiness.

Here is the place I have curated for you. Come, let’s have a momentary escape together. Pause, breathe, and heal.

Listen to the episodes of my podcast Pause Breathe Reflect here.