Each moment holds something special for us. Try to find it.

This moment, right now, the moment when we are taking a little pause from the rush of life, we are taking a momentary escape from the chaotic life, this very moment feels magical, and I realize, it’s holding something beautiful. Only we can’t see it now. Maybe, we have never tried to see it in this way. But now, at least we should try for once. Seeker, all the beauties can’t be seen in the envelope of chaos when you walk on the road of life and keep your eyes open. Some beauties love to remain veiled until someone comes and lifts the veil. They wait for the right moment when you lift the veil. Take a pause, close your eyes and start to embrace the calmness around. Inhale the serenity of this moment.

Being mindful helps us to focus on the positive things of life, and brings the calmness of mind. This way, we can lead a peaceful life.

Embrace the bliss of mind. Say yes to the present. Surrender yourself to the void inside, and try to recreate this present moment with an absolute calmness in the heart. Inhale deeper, and feel the bliss within.

As I am learning the art of mindful living and discovering the power of here and now, I love to pen down my own learnings to share the happiness hidden in the present moment. You can read them here.

May this moment bring abundance of peace in your mind, in your life.