Connect. Communicate. Contemplate.

Connect. Communicate. Contemplate.

Social media is a helpful tool to spread the message we want to convey to the world. But, it's also a world where we befriend with strangers. So, it's always good to be aware of the circle you are choosing to enter. Connect to contact with people, Communicate to learn and grow. At last, Contemplate to keep yourself calm from within and detached from the outer world to connect with the inner world. Here is my way to handle the virtual world: Connect. Communicate. Contemplate.

The Idea Of ‘Freedom’ From Different Perspectives

  Few days ago, I asked my friends and everyone around me, "What is freedom to you?" I received many replies, but among all, these three replies touched my heart, and somewhere deep, I found my own words in them. Have a look here: Freedom is a myth. Rather it is like sheath that covers [...]


  I really wanted to tell you these words.. but couldn't. Why it's always me to tell you everything? Can't you hear me? Let it be, anyway.. but whatever is between us, I know, it's real, it's true. And I love it, trust me. I don't know whether I have fallen in love once again [...]

A ‘Banarasi’ Holi And Story Of A Daughter

Udat faag gulaal, range mori chunariya, Aur na khelo mose Nandlaal, O sawariya.. Rang jo gulaal ki , rang jo preet ki,  Sakhi sang khelat, mohe Ghanshyam.. Rang jo faag ki, rang jo vasant ki, Tere hi rang mein khudko rangayi, re rangshyam.. Udat faag gulaal, range mori chunariya, Rangi main to tere rang mein, [...]