Who am I : A Poem on Finding Identity

Sometimes, you find your answer deep down the question itself

Who am I : A Poem on Finding Identity

Do you know who are you?

Are you the one you see in the mirror?

Or, the one you always wanted to be?

Or, should I call you, the puppet of destiny?

Sometimes, I wonder who am I?

Who am I wrapping myself with?

Is there anyone, I am hiding beneath?

A girl who believes in the power of resilience,

A woman who lives her life of dreams?

Or, the one I never seemed to be?

Am I the one, adorned with the remnants of love, innocence, and beauty? 

It was the hour before dawn.

The world was sleeping,

But I was awake.

A sweet fragrance filled my heart,

I heard a song from an unknown bird.

A song of hope, or a song of love.

Maybe, it was a song of longing.

Or perhaps, it was the song of awakening.

Coming from away, it felt so soothing.

My soul became healed.

Wrapping the shawl of serenity and solitude,

I came to the balcony.

And I realized, I am awaken, I am alive.

I am a truth unveiled,

Yet, a mist in disguise.

A wandering miracle,

Defying the trap of hatred and lies.

From the ashes of broken stars,

I am the dawn, waiting to arise.

I am dream,

I am hope.

I am bliss,

I am love.

I am a poem,

I am a song.

I am light,

I am tomorrow. 

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Hi there! I am Swarnali, The Saffron Storyteller. I manifest the power of storytelling as a medium of change. I research on the small acts of transformation that make a big impact in life. Welcome to the potpourri of my discoveries. May you be guided towards the path of peace and purpose.

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