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I Bleed Red

Hello my tribe! Come, let’s have some shameless talks! How about starting with the main thing, I mean, talking about the myths about Menstruation? After all, these wonderful thoughts have made our biological phenomenon a ‘Taboo’, isn’t?

It wasn’t until the mid-18th century that menstruation was known to be related to ovulation. Scientific experiments to test the factor of “impurity” in menstrual blood were not undertaken until 1920. It is then understandable that some of the myths our ancestors lived by came to be because of the lack of information regarding what exactly was going on inside our bodies.


But, despite having known that menstrual fluid is nothing but a harmless mixture of blood, tissues and small amounts of hormones for about a century now, the culture of silence around the subject keeps menstrual myths unquestioned and inviolable.

Now, let’s talk some myths about Menstruation:

1.    Menstruating women are impure:

2.    They can’t pray, take part in a religious event, or attend the temple to offer prayers and worship the deity.

3.    They are cursed.

4.    They should not cook or even enter to the kitchen as if they touch the foods they will get poisoned.

5.    And eventually, if anyone assume these foods then they will fall sick too.

6.    Contact from a menstruating woman can spoil the pickles and dried the leaves of trees.

Okay okay, enough for now. I can’t talk any more now so please, let’s end the list here. We will have a talk again, after taking a small break.

Menstrual myths have a long history rooted in our lack of understanding of the human body and our habit of deductive reasoning based on symptoms. But our beliefs and practices must change with time and with scientific advancement. It’s also important to know the context in which some practices were suggested once upon a time, so as to debunk myths with a logical and nuanced explanation.

We will have a discussion about what’s a myth and what’s the reality, in our next post. Let the shameless talks continue, what say, my shameless tribe?

[to be continued…]

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Hi there! I am Swarnali, The Saffron Storyteller. I manifest the power of storytelling as a medium of change. I research on the small acts of transformation that make a big impact in life. Welcome to the potpourri of my discoveries. May you be guided towards the path of peace and purpose.

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