Let’s see a dream together

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Let’s see a dream together,

Where stars are ours, and we are their.

Where I spell a word in your ears,

You smiled, and replied,

“Let it be, we are here.”

Where the night sky holds us tight,

Into the darkness, only love to shimmer.

Where you embrace me,

And I find my heaven in your arms.

Where the love belongs to the divine,

Only to make some dreams pristine.

Let’s see a dream together,

Where we will be like this, forever, and ever.

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Hi there! I am Swarnali, The Saffron Storyteller. I manifest the power of storytelling as a medium of change. I research on the small acts of transformation that make a big impact in life. Welcome to the potpourri of my discoveries. May you be guided towards the path of peace and purpose.

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