“Dear Husband, Let’s Be Friends”

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Mitali and Amit met through an arrange set up. Amit was a calm and composed guy and Mitali was an outspoken, bold girl with a lot of attitude. Families agreed and they got engaged. During courtship itself they had decided on their priorities, and how they want to live their life together. 6 months of courtship and they got married. The best part of their relationship was they respected each other’s individuality and were highly practical and responsible towards their life and family. However, gradually things started fading out discussions were replaced by fights, jokes were replaced by taunts. Both still loved each other but were not able to find out what was going wrong and where. They were the unconventional couple then why their relationship eventually turned out to be the typical one. All this was taking a toll on both of them. Family pressure, professional and social commitments, there was just no time for each other. Amidst all of this Mitali got an opportunity to travel to the US for 3 months for work. Amit didn’t want her to go away but Mitali being the bold one she decided to go. The night before she left they had a huge fight where both of them felt the need to take a break in their relationship.

Within a week’s time Amit started missing Mitali but as usual due to work commitments and different time zones they were not able to talk to each other. Mitali was enjoying herself away from the pressure, responsibilities, etc. Amit started feeling low so he decided to catch up with friends, he started doing this quite often. Now even if they got time to talk, it was very brief and formal. The families started to worry about where their relationship is going. It was 2.5 months, Mitali was going to come back in 15 days but still they had not decided on what they want. Meanwhile Amit’s closest pal got divorced. And as a social need he visited his friend. After meeting his friend, he realised what he wants from his life and this relationship. He wrote an email to Mitali a day before she was returning to India. He had cleared that he can’t handle the pressure and fight anymore he wants freedom from all of this. Mitali was a very strong headed girl so even after reading his email she returned back. At the Mumbai Airport 2am in the night she was all calm and composed, suddenly she read a board which read “Mitali Sharma my friend I’m here to pick you”. When she reached there she saw Amit standing with that board. She was annoyed with him, she started walking away and Amit suddenly went on his knees and proposed her “Dear wife lets be friends”. Mitali all embarrassed just left with him from there.

Amit took her to their favourite place, Marine Drive. And then he started narrating his friend’s divorce incident, he said his friend had a love marriage at a very young age. He said while talking to him he realised that when a couple gets married they start expecting too much out of each other, they start taking each other for granted. Amit asked Mitali do you know why? Mitali was clueless on what point he wanted to make. Amit continued, they claimed to know each other too well and they alleged that both of them had changed and don’t understand each other anymore. Gradually Mitali was getting the tone, Mitali said “Amit we hardly know each other its just been 3.5 years we know each other so does that mean we need time? What about families? What do we tell them?” Amit said “exactly my friend instead of being just husband and wife lets be friends, lets know each other more. As husband and wife, we will keep judging each other and expecting from each other but with friends we are just ourselves, we don’t judge and even if we take them for granted we know their importance in life and about families, he said Mitali this is our relation its upon us how we want to build it” Mitali was all engrossed in the conversation they never realised the time. suddenly the alarm in the cell phone rang and they saw it was 6.30 am, and Amit once again got up like a spring and shouted on top of his voice “Dear Mitali Amit Sharma, will you be friends with me?” Mitali also shouted on top of her voice “Dear Husband lets be friends”.



This beautiful story is written by Neha Mehta Doshi. She is a Lifestyle Blogger. You can check her profile below:

IMG_20140624_203054Name: Neha Mehta Doshi.

Pen Name: Precisely_neha

Status – Happily Married

Profession – Blogger, Housewife, a part-time Accounting Consultant & Fashion Designer

Passion – Writing, Fashion Designing, Reading

My passion for doing something different be it in clothes or changing people’s life has led my way towards to writing. Observing different types of relationships closely has made my belief strong over the years that there is always an unconventional way to maintain any relationship.

I am a regular contributor on Momspresso where I have written various stories that deal with human relationships, its complications and my way of dealing with them. Apart from this I have an Instagram & Facebook handle @precisely_neha through which I have been sharing motivational quotes to inspire one and all.

Writing stories about human relationships and providing a different perspective towards relationships in life makes me feel liberated and happy.

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Hi there! I am Swarnali, The Saffron Storyteller. I manifest the power of storytelling as a medium of change. I research on the small acts of transformation that make a big impact in life. Welcome to the potpourri of my discoveries. May you be guided towards the path of peace and purpose.

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