Camera Of Life


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I can relate myself with a camera

As the moments captured once,

Stays in our life, forever,

And never comes back, twice.

My eyes are the precious lenses,

Capturing those wonderful things,

I store them in my memory,

To give my dram some wings.

I develop those auspicious moments

That give me a pure happiness,

And I delete those moments,

Which could bring some sadness.



IMG-20190707-WA0003This beautiful poem is written by Sharmistha Mitra Sengupta. She is a wonderful poet and writer. She loves to embrace the name ‘Rumi’ as her pen name. She is a regular writer at YourQuote where she shares her thoughts through  her beautiful poems and short pieces, all of them having a deep insight. She is a prolific writer in both Bengali and English. Beauty of nature, feminism, motivation and inspiration, love, life – they are some subjects she loves to write about. She is a mom of two grown up kids, Rohit and Rohini. She often squeezes out time to write and paint, but her first love is always watching thriller movies.



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Hi there! I am Swarnali, The Saffron Storyteller. I manifest the power of storytelling as a medium of change. I research on the small acts of transformation that make a big impact in life. Welcome to the potpourri of my discoveries. May you be guided towards the path of peace and purpose.

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