Scribble 7 – “Reading Like A writer”

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Reading Like A Writer

Since childhood, whenever I read something, I love to go deep with the words, and try to read between lines. But I never thought of being grown by reading. A writer is sometimes soft, sometimes strong. Sometimes broken, sometimes brave. And I felt it through my worst. Reading like a writer needs your utmost dedication. While a writer is reading, she is making her own castle of thoughts. Beyond barriers.

Reading like a writer means, to read, to feel, to grow. Then to pour the heart on the paper, and let the words bloom into a garden of stories.

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I am Swarnali, an Engineer, a Writer, an aspiring Life Coach and a Peace Messenger. I like discovering the blissful truths of life. This blog is a potpourri of my literary offerings. May this journey lead you towards a life full of peace and purpose.

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