The Umbrella Man

It’s a very short story of a man and his burden of responsibilities.

On a rainy morning,

It was raining hard again.He looked through the window; perhaps a storm was coming.He took his umbrella and started walking towards the door. While walking, he tried to have a look at the umbrella. It’s one of those big umbrellas that can be used as a shed as well as a walking stick. It has left it’s best days behind but still it’s not out of date. There are signs of rusts on all over the metal parts and there are numerous holes in the fabric too. He questioned himself dubiously, can it stand another rain and upcoming storms? It helped him and his family to find shelter in many rains, storms and sizzling summers but can it weather another upcoming season of heavy rains?

He lost his confidence but he could not leave it.He thought that he had no choice .

Just when he opened the door, his son called from behind. He looked back and there was his son standing with a brand new umbrella and a sense of newly found responsibility. He smiled smirkingly and turned back into the house..


This beautiful story is written by Suman Hambir. He is a prolific Lifestyle Blogger. His blog’s name is ‘The Silent Spectator”, where he loves to speak his heart out in every words. He has an immense love for writing. He loves nature as his soul resides in the mountains. He loves to lost himself in the mountain echo, and then to find a new self of him, in a new way absolutely. When the mountains call him, he goes out for trekking, without thinking twice. He loves to be called a wanderer, as travelling is his first love. If you want to read his writings more, you can check here:

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I am Swarnali, The Saffron Storyteller. You can call me an engineer who writes letters or simply a girl who writes. Writing and Music are my ways to escape from this worldly life. I find solace in the voyage from seven notes to the infinity, and resilience in the empire of words. I love to weave stories of motivation, inspiration, love and peace. 'Saffron' is the colour of the quest of life. Hope you like the tales of this bohemian writer.

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